Resource Roles

The Roles resource represents the roles a school user can have. Currently there are exactly three roles supported: staff, student and teacher. A user has either one of those roles or the combination of staff and teacher.

The resource objects have no direct representation in LDAP. They are only required to classify user objects.

The item list of the Roles resource is hard coded. It does only support listing objects. It does not support creating, modifying or deleting roles.

Resource representation

The following JSON is an example Roles resource in the UCS@school Kelvin REST API:

    "display_name": "staff",
    "name": "staff",
    "url": "https://<fqdn>/ucsschool/kelvin/v1/roles/staff"
Property description
name value Description Notes
display_name string The name of the role (for views). read only
name string The name of the role (technically). read only
url URL The URL of the role object in the UCS@school Kelvin API. read only


Example curl command to retrieve a single role:

$ curl -X GET "https://<fqdn>/ucsschool/kelvin/v1/roles/student"\
    -H "accept: application/json" \
    -H "Authorization: Bearer eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJh...."

The queried role must exist, matching is case-sensitive. The response body will be the second element of the list in the example above.