UCS@school 4.1 R2 v7 Changelog


1. UCS@school-Update
1.1. Generelle Hinweise zum Update
1.2. Changelog
1.2.1. Source package ucs-school-umc-common
1.2.2. Source package ucs-school-l10n-fr
1.2.3. Source package ucs-school-umc-internetrules
1.2.4. Source package ucs-school-umc-wizards
1.2.5. Source package ucs-school-italc
1.2.6. Source package ucs-school-umc-printermoderation
1.2.7. Source package ucs-school-netlogon-user-logonscripts
1.2.8. Source package ucs-school-umc-groups
1.2.9. Source package italc-windows
1.2.10. Source package ucs-school-import
1.2.11. Source package ucs-school-lib
1.2.12. Source package ucs-school-umc-computerroom

§Kapitel 1. UCS@school-Update

Dieses Dokument enthält die Changelogs mit den detaillierten Änderungsinformationen zum Update von UCS@school von Version 4.1 R2 v6 nach 4.1 R2 v7. Sofern notwendig, werden wichtige Hinweise zum Update in einem separaten Abschnitt behandelt. Die Changelogs werden nur in Englisch gepflegt. Die Änderungsinformationen für vorherige Versionssprünge finden sich unter https://docs.software-univention.de/.

§1.1. Generelle Hinweise zum Update

Während der Aktualisierung kann es zu Ausfällen von Diensten innerhalb der Domäne kommen. Aus diesem Grund sollte das Update innerhalb eines Wartungsfensters erfolgen. Grundsätzlich wird empfohlen das Update zunächst in einer Testumgebung einzuspielen und zu testen. Die Testumgebung sollte dabei identisch zur Produktivumgebung sein.

§1.2. Changelog

§1.2.1. Source package ucs-school-umc-common

  • Ensure that the French translation is installed by default from UCS 4.1-4 onwards (Bug 41777).

§1.2.2. Source package ucs-school-l10n-fr

  • French translations for UCS@school packages have been added and will work from UCS 4.1-4 onwards. In order to install the translations on existing UCS@school systems, the packages univention-l10n-fr and ucs-school-l10n-fr need to be installed manually (Bug 41777).

§1.2.3. Source package ucs-school-umc-internetrules

  • Within the UMC module Assign internet rules the description text default settings has been changed to Default (unrestricted) (Bug 27236).

§1.2.4. Source package ucs-school-umc-wizards

  • When a teacher was modified via the UMC module Users (schools) all his school class memberships have been removed. This bug has been fixed (Bug 42863).

§1.2.5. Source package ucs-school-italc

  • The internal iTALC libraries of the UCS@school UMC modules have been updated to iTALC 3.0.0 (Bug 38213).

§1.2.6. Source package ucs-school-umc-printermoderation

  • Up to this update of UCS@school the UMC module printer moderation was unable to handle restricted printers that require the user to authenticate before printing. Print jobs redirected to those printers have simply never been printed. The UMC module now passes the current UMC user's credentials to the print server. If the user password is not available (e.g. due to single sign on) the user is asked to enter its password. In case passing the print job to the print server fails, proper error messages are shown to the UMC user (Bug 41374).

§1.2.7. Source package ucs-school-netlogon-user-logonscripts

  • The default UCS@school NETLOGON script automatically creates a folder on each users desktop that contains links/shortcuts to all UCS@school shares accessible by the user. In the past the folder name was hardcoded to Eigene Shares. The folder name is now configurable using the UCR variable ucsschool/userlogon/shares_foldername. If changed, all logon scripts have to be rewritten by running the following commands (Bug 41173):

    invoke-rc.d univention-directory-listener stop
    univention-directory-listener-ctrl resync ucs-school-user-logonscript
    invoke-rc.d univention-directory-listener start
  • The listener module for generating NETLOGON scripts for all UCS@school users failed with a traceback if one of the scanned group members could not be found in LDAP (e.g. users of another school). In this case incomplete logon scripts may have been generated. To recreate all NETLOGON scripts, please run univention-directory-listener ctrl ucs-school-user-logonscript on all UCS@school systems. This command takes quite some time and meanwhile the LDAP replication is stopped (Bug 42457).

§1.2.8. Source package ucs-school-umc-groups

  • Additional security check have been added. In the past, by using specially crafted HTTP requests it was possible to add non-UCS@school users to UCS@school working groups. This was problematic e.g. for users of the group domain admins (Bug 40539).

§1.2.9. Source package italc-windows

  • iTALC has been updated to 3.0-0 (Bug 38415).
  • iTALC-Master is not selected by default in the iTALC installer anymore (Bug 38221).

§1.2.10. Source package ucs-school-import

  • A regression was fixed. Umlauts in given name and family name are not normalized anymore in the legacy user import script (Bug 41934).
  • The import script now honors UDM syntax checks (Bug 42513).

§1.2.11. Source package ucs-school-lib

  • The UMC module Passwords (teachers) and Assigning teachers now also show teachers which are also staff users (Bug 42461).
  • The internal handling of superordinates for DHCP objects has been fixed (Bug 42736).

§1.2.12. Source package ucs-school-umc-computerroom

  • The iTALC handling has been revised and improved. Several bugs have been fixed which makes iTALC connections more reliable. E.g. locking of screens and input devices is now faster and more reliable (Bug 41752).
  • It is now possible to prevent that screenshots of specific users or groups are shown in the UMC module. See UCR variables ucsschool/umc/computerroom/hide_screenshots/teachers and ucsschool/umc/computerroom/hide_screenshots/groups (Bug 40210).
  • Some typos in the description text of the UMC module UCS@school computerroom have been corrected (Bug 42221).
  • Adjusted internal code for API changes in iTALC 3.0 (Bug 38213).