UCS@school 4.2 v4 Changelog


1. UCS@school-Update
1.1. Generelle Hinweise zum Update
1.2. Changelog
1.2.1. Source package ucs-school-umc-import
1.2.2. Source package ucs-school-umc-rooms
1.2.3. Source package ucs-school-s4-branch-site
1.2.4. Source package ucs-school-webproxy
1.2.5. Source package ucs-school-umc-exam
1.2.6. Source package ucs-school-umc-printermoderation
1.2.7. Source package ucs-school-radius-802.1x
1.2.8. Source package ucs-school-netlogon-user-logonscripts
1.2.9. Source package ucs-school-metapackage
1.2.10. Source package ucs-school-import
1.2.11. Source package ucs-school-lib
1.2.12. Source package ucs-school-info
1.2.13. Source package ucs-school-umc-users

§Kapitel 1. UCS@school-Update

Dieses Dokument enthält die Changelogs mit den detaillierten Änderungsinformationen zum Update von UCS@school von Version 4.2 v3 nach 4.2 v4. Sofern notwendig, werden wichtige Hinweise zum Update in einem separaten Abschnitt behandelt. Die Changelogs werden nur in Englisch gepflegt. Die Änderungsinformationen für vorherige Versionssprünge finden sich unter https://docs.software-univention.de/.

§1.1. Generelle Hinweise zum Update

Während der Aktualisierung kann es zu Ausfällen von Diensten innerhalb der Domäne kommen. Aus diesem Grund sollte das Update innerhalb eines Wartungsfensters erfolgen. Grundsätzlich wird empfohlen das Update zunächst in einer Testumgebung einzuspielen und zu testen. Die Testumgebung sollte dabei identisch zur Produktivumgebung sein.

§1.2. Changelog

§1.2.1. Source package ucs-school-umc-import

  • A beta version of a new UCS@school import module has been implemented (Bug 45023).
  • The import UMC module supports login via SAML (Bug 45045).

§1.2.2. Source package ucs-school-umc-rooms

  • A standby animation is now shown while the UMC module is creating or modifying school rooms (Bug 45512).

§1.2.3. Source package ucs-school-s4-branch-site

  • UCR variables for the DNS mapping configuration are no longer overwritten or reset if an error during the LDAP connection happens in the Univention Directory Listener module, e.g. while changing the server password (Bug 45428).

§1.2.4. Source package ucs-school-webproxy

  • A race condition in the caching mechanism for handling proxy groups has been fixed (Bug 45352).

§1.2.5. Source package ucs-school-umc-exam

  • The cleanup script exam-and-room-cleanup will now also remove computers accounts from the exam group (Bug 43978).
  • In some UCS@school environments students are member of a large number of groups. If these students take part of an exam, the exam mode copies all group memberships from the students to the corresponding exam users, by default. For performance and security reasons, it is now possible to blacklist groups from being taken over to exam users by defining a regular expression for group DNs (UCR variable ucsschool/exam/group/ldap/blacklist/regex) (Bug 45473).
  • The timeout for starting new exams has been raised from 5 minutes to 30 minutes (Bug 45980).

§1.2.6. Source package ucs-school-umc-printermoderation

  • The print jobs of the currently logged-in teacher are now also displayed in the printermoderation UMC module (Bug 43704).

§1.2.7. Source package ucs-school-radius-802.1x

  • A traceback has been fixed that may happened if ucs-school-ntlm-auth is called without --stationId option (Bug 45482).

§1.2.8. Source package ucs-school-netlogon-user-logonscripts

  • The generation of netlogon scripts for Windows users has been separated into a new daemon that is triggered via the Univention Directory Listener. This way, the LDAP replication should not be slowed down any longer by lots of LDAP changes relevant for netlogon script generation (Bug 42997).
  • The shortcuts to the users shares showed the wrong icons in Windows 10. This has been fixed. It is recommended, that the netlogon scripts are being recreated on each school server by calling the command univention-directory-listener-ctrl resync ucs-school-user-logonscript as user root. Otherwise the existing netlogon scripts still show the wrong icons under Windows 10. To deactivate the adjustment of the icon index of the file imageres.dll, set the UCR variable ucsschool/userlogon/fix-win10-icon-offset to false (Bug 45301).

§1.2.9. Source package ucs-school-metapackage

  • By default, the DHCP-DNS policy dhcp-dns-$OUNAME now also sets the domain name (Bug 42688).

§1.2.10. Source package ucs-school-import

  • When run with the --dry-run option, the raised counter is not stored anymore in LDAP (Bug 44838).
  • A Python client library to use the experimental RESTful API was created (Bug 45022).
  • An experimental RESTful API for starting import jobs can now be installed (Bug 4501945024).
  • The handling of scheme:email options during import of user has been improved: the COUNTER variables may now be used (Bug 44993).
  • The configured user role is taken into account when searching for users (Bug 45044).
  • Configuration and code for reading and writing CSV data compatible with the HTTP-API was added (Bug 45342).
  • It is now possible to modify the attributes that are used for formatting user properties from a schema by creating hooks. An example is provided in /usr/share/doc/ucs-school-import/format_hook_example.py (Bug 42144).
  • The class generation of the test user creation script was fixed (Bug 45436).
  • When creating a school, the DHCP server objects for the administrative DC Slave are now also created or moved into the DHCP service of the school in a multiserver environment (Bug 42687).
  • The school name is now checked case sensitively before importing a user (Bug 42456).
  • The tool ucs-school-join-secondary-samba4 checks now if the school DC has the S4 SlavePDC service set (Bug 43311).
  • By default, the DHCP-DNS policy dhcp-dns-$OUNAME now also sets the domain name (Bug 42688).
  • The deletion behavior of ucs-school-user-import has been improved. It is now possible to define grace periods, after which the users who are scheduled to delete are automatically deactivated or deleted. If the user_deletion:delete or user_deletion:expiration options have been used, the import configuration must be adapted, otherwise the import will terminate with a configuration error. The new options are deletion_grace_period:deactivation and deletion_grace_period:deletion (Bug 45467).

§1.2.11. Source package ucs-school-lib

  • In some cases after stopping the exam mode, shares on the school server weren't accessible anymore. This bug has been fixed (Bug 43089).
  • When creating a new school, the DHCP server objects for the administrative DC Slave are now also created or moved into the DHCP service of the school in a multiserver environment (Bug 42687).
  • A incomplete LDAP filter was fixed. Due to relaxed filter parsing, this resulted in no observable error (Bug 45504).
  • An internal improvement of the UCS@school library: support was added for changing the base path when searching for hooks (Bug 45024).
  • An internal improvement of the UCS@school library: LDAP object classes for user objects are made available for permission checks during imports (Bug 45044).

§1.2.12. Source package ucs-school-info

  • The CLI tool ucs-school-info does not crash anymore when displaying network information (Bug 45229).

§1.2.13. Source package ucs-school-umc-users

  • A traceback in the UMC module is prevented that was triggered if the logged in user has no permissions to reset another users password (Bug 45255).
  • Special extended attributes are not anymore reset after changing user passwords. The error handling of the module has been improved (Bug 45468).