UCS@school 4.2 v6 Changelog


1. UCS@school-Update
1.1. Generelle Hinweise zum Update
1.2. Changelog
1.2.1. Source package ucs-school-umc-import
1.2.2. Source package ucs-school-umc-distribution
1.2.3. Source package ucs-school-netlogon-user-logonscripts
1.2.4. Source package ucs-school-import
1.2.5. Source package ucs-school-lib
1.2.6. Source package ucs-school-selfservice-support
1.2.7. Source package ucs-school-umc-users

§Kapitel 1. UCS@school-Update

Dieses Dokument enthält die Changelogs mit den detaillierten Änderungsinformationen zum Update von UCS@school von Version 4.2 v5 nach 4.2 v6. Sofern notwendig, werden wichtige Hinweise zum Update in einem separaten Abschnitt behandelt. Die Changelogs werden nur in Englisch gepflegt. Die Änderungsinformationen für vorherige Versionssprünge finden sich unter https://docs.software-univention.de/.

§1.1. Generelle Hinweise zum Update

Während der Aktualisierung kann es zu Ausfällen von Diensten innerhalb der Domäne kommen. Aus diesem Grund sollte das Update innerhalb eines Wartungsfensters erfolgen. Grundsätzlich wird empfohlen das Update zunächst in einer Testumgebung einzuspielen und zu testen. Die Testumgebung sollte dabei identisch zur Produktivumgebung sein.

§1.2. Changelog

§1.2.1. Source package ucs-school-umc-import

§1.2.2. Source package ucs-school-umc-distribution

  • When collecting distributed materials, files are now stored into a directory Unterrichtsmaterial/PROJEKTNAME-Ergebnisse. The suffix for the name of that directory can be modified with the UCR variable ucsschool/datadistribution/datadir/sender/project/suffix (default is "-Ergebnisse") (Bug 45572).

§1.2.3. Source package ucs-school-netlogon-user-logonscripts

  • When running a resync to recreate all netlogon scripts, the listener module now restarts the netlogon script generation daemon (Bug 45544).

§1.2.4. Source package ucs-school-import

  • An experimental HTTP API for starting import jobs can now be installed (Bug 45844 Bug 45024).
  • The configured user role is taken into account when searching for users (Bug 45044).
  • Configuration and code for reading and writing CSV data compatible with the HTTP-API was added (Bug 45342).
  • The script ucs-school-testuser-import mistakenly added new students to single letter classes that were disjoint with the classes of other testusers. This problem has been fixed (Bug 45436).
  • The import scripts for creating computers, networks, printers or groups do not create schools anymore. Previously if the CSV data contained a school which did not exists a broken OU structure was created. Now, if the OU is missing, please call create_ou prior to import_computer, import_networks, import_printer or import_group (Bug 34727).
  • Add a method in the HTTP-API which returns the permitted roles for school where a user can start an import (Bug 45717).
  • Various security concerns of the new HTTP-API have been eliminated (Bug 45713).
  • The maximum length of a username for teachers and staff is now 20. The student's username may not be longer than 15 characters to support the use of the exam mode and ensure a working windows login (Bug 45577).
  • The new UCR variable ucsschool/import/generate/user/attributes/no-overwrite is a whitespace separated list of LDAP attributes that the user import will not overwrite when their values are non-empty. This fixes a bug which made generated email adresses change on every import (Bug 45679).
  • Non-ASCII characters in sourceUID and recordUID are now handled correctly (Bug 45626).

§1.2.5. Source package ucs-school-lib

  • An internal improvement of the UCS@school library: support was added for changing the base path when searching for hooks (Bug 45024).
  • An internal improvement of the UCS@school library: LDAP object classes for user objects are made available for permission checks during imports (Bug 45044).
  • A tool for modifying UCR list values was added (Bug 44627).

§1.2.6. Source package ucs-school-selfservice-support

  • This package provides a configuration to better integrate the self-service app in a UCS@school domain. It automatically sets the whitelist for user groups for all schools. This package should be installed on the DC master and DC backups only (Bug 44627).

§1.2.7. Source package ucs-school-umc-users

  • The default state of the checkbox to force a password change on the next login may now be defined via UCR (Bug 42004).