UCS 4.3 Release Notes

Release notes for the installation and update of Univention Corporate Server (UCS) 4.3-4

Table of Contents

1. Release Highlights
2. Notes about the update
2.1. Recommended update order for environments with more than one UCS server
2.2. UCS installation DVD only available for 64 bit
3. Preparation of update
4. Postprocessing of the update
5. Notes on selected packages
5.1. Collection of usage statistics
5.2. Scope of security support for WebKit, Konqueror and QtWebKit
5.3. Recommended browsers for the access to Univention Management Console
6. Changelog
6.1. General
6.2. Basic system services
6.2.1. Linux kernel and firmware packages
6.2.2. Univention Configuration Registry Changes to templates and modules
6.3. Domain services
6.3.1. OpenLDAP Listener/Notifier domain replication
6.4. Univention Management Console
6.4.1. Univention Management Console web interface
6.4.2. Univention Management Console server
6.4.3. Univention Directory Manager UMC modules and command line interface
6.4.4. Modules for system settings / setup wizard
6.4.5. Domain join module
6.4.6. System diagnostic module
6.4.7. Filesystem quota module
6.4.8. Other modules
6.5. Univention base libraries
6.6. Software deployment
6.7. System services
6.7.1. SAML
6.7.2. Dovecot
6.7.3. Printing services
6.7.4. Nagios
6.7.5. PAM / Local group cache
6.8. Virtualization
6.8.1. UCS Virtual Machine Manager (UVMM)
6.9. Services for Windows
6.9.1. Samba
6.9.2. Univention S4 Connector

§Chapter 1. Release Highlights

With Univention Corporate Server 4.3-4, the forth point release of Univention Corporate Server (UCS) 4.3 is now available. It provides several feature improvements and extensions, new properties as well as various improvements and bugfixes. Here is an overview of the most important changes:

  • A new Univention Directory Notifier protocol version has been added. Directory replication metadata is now additionally stored in the LDAP Database cn=translog.

  • Support to configure multiple certificates for Server Name Indication (SNI) has been added to the package univention-mail-dovecot.

  • Various improvements have been implemented for the UCS Virtual Machine Manager (UVMM): CPU and RAM usage of virtualization hosts is now displayed. Hyper-V Enlightenment is configured for Windows virtual machines. RAM overcommitment protection can now be configured with Univention Configuration Registry variable uvmm/overcommit/reserved.

  • It is now possible to modify the entry of the LDAP base again, for example modify references to policies.

  • Various security updates have been integrated into UCS 4.3-4, e.g. Apache2, the Linux kernel and Samba4. A complete list is available in Chapter 6.

§Chapter 2. Notes about the update

During the update some services in the domain may not be available temporarily, that is why the update should occur in a maintenance window. It is recommended to test the update in a separate test environment prior to the actual update. The test environment should be identical to the production environment. Depending on the system performance, network connection and the installed software the update will take between 20 minutes and several hours.

§2.1. Recommended update order for environments with more than one UCS server

In environments with more than one UCS system, the update order of the UCS systems must be borne in mind:

The authoritative version of the LDAP directory service is maintained on the master domain controller and replicated to all the remaining LDAP servers of the UCS domain. As changes to the LDAP schema can occur during release updates, the master domain controller must always be the first system to be updated during a release update.

§2.2. UCS installation DVD only available for 64 bit

Starting with UCS 4.0, installation DVD are only provided for the x86 64 bit architecture (amd64). Existing 32 bit UCS 3 systems can still be updated to UCS 4.0 through the online repository or by using update DVD. The 32 bit architecture will be supported over the entire UCS 4 maintenance period.

§Chapter 3. Preparation of update

It must be checked whether sufficient disk space is available. A standard installation requires a minimum of 10 GB of disk space. The update requires approximately 4 GB additional disk space to download and install the packages, depending on the size of the existing installation.

For the update, a login should be performed on the system's local console as user root, and the update should be initiated there. Alternatively, the update can be conducted using Univention Management Console.

Remote updating via SSH is not recommended as this may result in the update procedure being canceled, e.g., if the network connection is interrupted. In consequence, this can affect the system severely. If updating should occur over a network connection nevertheless, it must be verified that the update continues in case of disconnection from the network. This can be achieved, e.g., using the tools screen and at. These tools are installed on all UCS system roles by default.

§Chapter 4. Postprocessing of the update

Following the update, new or updated join scripts need to be executed. This can be done in two ways: Either using the UMC module Domain join or by running the command univention-run-join-scripts as user root.

Subsequently the UCS system needs to be restarted.

§Chapter 5. Notes on selected packages

§5.1. Collection of usage statistics

Anonymous usage statistics on the use of Univention Management Console are collected when using the UCS Core Edition. The modules opened get logged to an instance of the web traffic analysis tool Piwik. This makes it possible for Univention to tailor the development of Univention Management Console better to customer needs and carry out usability improvements.

This logging is only performed when the UCS Core Edition license is used. The license status can be verified via the menu entry License -> License information of the user menu in the upper right corner of Univention Management Console. If UCS Core Edition is listed under License type, this version is in use. When a regular UCS license is used, no usage statistics are collected.

Independent of the license used, the statistics generation can be deactivated by setting the Univention Configuration Registry variable umc/web/piwik to false.

§5.2. Scope of security support for WebKit, Konqueror and QtWebKit

WebKit, Konqueror and QtWebKit are shipped in the maintained branch of the UCS repository, but not covered by security support. WebKit is primarily used for displaying HTML help pages etc. Firefox should be used as web browser.

§5.3. Recommended browsers for the access to Univention Management Console

Univention Management Console uses numerous JavaScript and CSS functions to display the web interface. Cookies need to be permitted in the browser. The following browsers are recommended:

  • Chrome as of version 37

  • Firefox as of version 38

  • Internet Explorer as of version 11

  • Safari and Safari Mobile as of version 9

Users running older browsers may experience display or performance issues.

§Chapter 6. Changelog

Listed are the changes since UCS 4.3-3:

§6.1. General

§6.2. Basic system services

§6.2.1. Linux kernel and firmware packages

  • Always set Univention Configuration Registry variable update/reboot/required when a new kernel is installed (Bug 48349).

§6.2.2. Univention Configuration Registry

§ Changes to templates and modules

  • The script univention-policy-update-config-registry now has a new option to specify the LDAP server from which to get the policies (Bug 49044).

§6.3. Domain services

§6.3.1. OpenLDAP

§ Listener/Notifier domain replication

  • Add univention-translog check --fix command to check (and fix) inconsistency between the files /var/lib/univention-ldap/notify/transaction, /var/lib/univention-ldap/notify/transaction.index, /var/lib/univention-ldap/listener/listener, and /var/lib/univention-ldap/last_id (Bug 49202).
  • Since Erratum 427 the Univention Directory Notifier (UDN) writes transactions both to the file /var/lib/univention-ldap/notify/transaction and the cn=translog database in OpenLDAP. A failed write to the later can make UDN abort, in which case UDN is restarted automatically and writes the pending transactions to said file again. This leads to inconsistency. The order has been swapped to prevent this issue from happening again. The transaction file might require manual corrections if UDN fails to start up properly. Details of this procedure will be provided by a future update (Bug 49199).
  • Implement new Univention Directory Notifier Protocol Version 3, which does not transmit Distinguished Names over an unencrypted and unauthenticated channel (Bug 48427).
  • The new script univention-replicate-many can be used to re-replicate multiple objects at once (Bug 41262).

§6.4. Univention Management Console

§6.4.1. Univention Management Console web interface

  • The UMC for UCS Core Editions shows a dialog that informs about the Univention Summit 2019 (Bug 48372).

§6.4.2. Univention Management Console server

  • The LDAP connections are reestablished in the UMC web server after a server password change. This causes that the correct portal entries for authenticated users are shown again (Bug 48990).
  • The SAML identity provider is not configured in the UMC web server anymore if it is disabled via the Univention Configuration Registry variable umc/web/sso/enabled (Bug 48985).
  • The errors from pam_cracklib were evaluated again when changing the password via Univention Management Console. The old behavior has been restored later on. Therefore password changes do not require strong passwords anymore if no password policy is defined in the domain (Bug 48684, Bug 49039).
  • The design of the Univention Summit 2019 dialog has been slightly adjusted (Bug 48470).
  • The Univention Management Console for UCS Core Editions shows a dialog that informs about the Univention Summit 2019 (Bug 48372).

§6.4.3. Univention Directory Manager UMC modules and command line interface

  • It is now possible again to modify the LDAP base, for example modify references to policies. This was broken since UCS 4.3-0 (Bug 49018).

§6.4.4. Modules for system settings / setup wizard

  • Fixed a special case for the initial domain join, the master domain controller hostname may now differ from the value read from the DNS server (Bug 48986).
  • Make the software components for Univention Corporate Server available during installation when it is run in French (Bug 44162).

§6.4.5. Domain join module

  • Having multiple (virtual) network interfaces with the same MAC address caused the domain join to fail (Bug 48475).
  • Copy cn=translog database for transaction log to backup domain controller while joining (Bug 48427).

§6.4.6. System diagnostic module

  • Use new Univention Directory Notifier Protocol Version 3 for check (Bug 48427).
  • Fixed error in Check well known SIDs system diagnostic test (Bug 48477).
  • Added command line tool univention-run-diagnostic-checks which can be used to execute the diagnostic checks (Bug 47650).
  • A typo has been fixed in the error output of the Kerberos DDNS update check (Bug 48385).
  • The proxy server test has been fixed (Bug 48385).

§6.4.7. Filesystem quota module

  • Quotas on XFS file systems are shown again on the Univention Management Console (Bug 48315).

§6.4.8. Other modules

  • A crash in the Univention Management Console module is prevented if widget definitions are configured via Univention Configuration Registry variables (Bug 48494).

§6.5. Univention base libraries

  • Fix regression in cn=translog setup, which reset the LDAP index. If an UCS-4.3 system was updated to Erratum 426 before this erratum was made available, the list of indexed LDAP attributes was reset to the default on master and backup systems. This may lead to slow LDAP searches. If other attributes were added manually to the Univention Configuration Registry variables ldap/index/eq, ldap/index/sub, ldap/index/pres, they must be restored manually. The old values might be recovered from the log file /var/log/univention/config-registry.replog. After a manual change of these Univention Configuration Registry variables, the LDAP server index need to be updated by stopping the slapd service, then running the script /usr/share/univention-ldap/ldap_setup_index and starting the slapd service again (Bug 48970).
  • Support activation of the cn=monitor backend for statistical information. To activate this, set the Univention Configuration Registry variable ldap/monitor=true and restart the LDAP server service (slapd) (Bug 41213).
  • Add cn=translog database for transaction log (Bug 48427).
  • During the update, a resynchronization of the listener module ldap_extension is performed on backup domain controller and slave domain controller systems to correct possible inconsistencies in LDAP ACLs (Bug 48530).
  • Enabled cn=config backend, accessible via LDAPI only (Bug 43515).
  • Add univention-lib implementation of die() function to ldap.sh (Bug 47424).
  • Due to a logic error it could happen that not all LDAP ACL registered in LDAP were active on newly installed backup domain controller systems. This could lead to information disclosure or replication errors. The error is now fixed and when updating the univention-ldap-server package, missing LDAP ACLs are automatically activated (Bug 48530).
  • Do not send cron mails for a successful ldap-backup cron job (Bug 48014).

§6.6. Software deployment

  • The repository tools univention-repository-addpackage, univention-repository-delpackage and univention-repository-merge are deprecated and will be removed with UCS-4.4 (Bug 29505).
  • The packages index files under dists/ are now also mirrored. This is required for the PXE network installer (Bug 46600).
  • Added the Univention Configuration Registry variable update/debug/level for changing the debug level of the UCS updater (Bug 47913).
  • The error message complaining about the missing postmirror.sh file is no longer displayed (Bug 27761).
  • When mirroring distributions the default architecture was not detected correctly and URLs were scheduled for download multiple times (Bug 48424).

§6.7. System services

§6.7.1. SAML

  • The univention-saml Apache VirtualHost configuration can now be extended by placing .conf files in the directory /etc/apache2/sso-vhost.conf.d/ (Bug 48348).

§6.7.2. Dovecot

  • Add SNI Support to univention-mail-dovecot. Additional FQDNs and certificates can be configured with Univention Configuration Registry variables mail/dovecot/ssl/sni/$fqdn/certificate=$path_to_certificate and mail/dovecot/ssl/sni/$fqdn/key=$path_to_certificate_key (Bug 49064).
  • Prevent creation of empty mailboxes in /var/spool/dovecot/private/ by unsuccessful login attempts of users without a primary mail address (Bug 48628).

§6.7.3. Printing services

  • The CUPS configuration in /etc/cups/cupsd.local.conf is applied again. Since Erratum 149 the CUPS Include directive has been removed. Changes in the /etc/cups/cupsd.local.conf configuration require a ucr commit /etc/cups/cupsd.conf now (Bug 49197).
  • Allow switching to None or smb (raw) printer model (Bug 47843).
  • Ensure /usr/share/cups/model is a link to /usr/share/ppd (Bug 47435).

§6.7.4. Nagios

  • Fixed a local root exploit in the SUID wrapper for the Nagios check univention_ldap (Bug 48616).
  • Fixed an uncaught type error in the nagios-server listener (Bug 43426).

§6.7.5. PAM / Local group cache

  • An open SSH connection will now properly get closed when shutting down a system (Bug 49045).

§6.8. Virtualization

§6.8.1. UCS Virtual Machine Manager (UVMM)

  • Add RAM overcommitment protection through Univention Configuration Registry variable uvmm/overcommit/reserved (Bug 48098).
  • Normalize CPU utilization of host and update error and migration status atomically (Bug 48340).
  • Show CPU usage in tree of virtualization hosts (Bug 35196).
  • Fix tooltips preventing button clicks (Bug 45498).
  • Add Hyper-V Enlightenment for Windows VMs (Bug 48024).
  • The target hosts for live migration can now be configured even when the virtual machine is running (Bug 48199).
  • Fix parsing memory and disk capacity (Bug 36661).
  • Fix file permissions of backup directory (Bug 47741).
  • Add support for post-copy migration (Bug 47617).

§6.9. Services for Windows

§6.9.1. Samba

  • The samba-tool ntacl sysvolcheck didn't map owner LA to DA properly while checking, leading to irritating, unnecessary error messages (Bug 44282).

§6.9.2. Univention S4 Connector

  • Moving objects in UCS with a LDAP base different in UCS and Samba has been fixed (Bug 48362).