1. UCS@school-Update#

This document contains the changelogs with the detailed change information for the update of UCS@school from version 5.0 v3 to 5.0 v4.

If necessary, important notes about the update are covered in a separate section. The change information for previous version jumps can be found at https://docs.software-univention.de/.

1.1. General notes on the update#

During the update, services within the domain may fail. For this reason, the update should be performed within a maintenance window. It is generally recommended to install and test the update in a test environment first. The test environment should be identical to the production environment.

1.2. Change in the Windows naming conventions#

In Windows there are some usernames that are reserved for special use. Using a username schema for the import can lead to invalid usernames in Windows. If this happens, this can lead to errors in Windows environments, such as users being unable to login.

We have added username validation when importing users, to prevent such invalid usernames from occurring. However, administrators can disable this check using the ucsschool/validation/username/windows-check UCR variable. When the variable is set to true, the import will check if usernames are valid for Windows. If you have only Linux systems, you may choose to disable this check.

The join script for this release will scan your usernames for invalid usernames. If none are found, it will set the ucsschool/validation/username/windows-check UCR variable to true, so you can start getting the benefit of the checks right away.

If you have any invalid usernames, the join script will leave the UCR variable unset. You may choose to do one of the following:

  1. Use the System Diagnostic UMC module to see a list of invalid usernames and correct them, then set the ucsschool/validation/username/windows-check UCR variable to true.

  2. Set the ucsschool/validation/username/windows-check UCR variable to false, to temporarily ignore invalid usernames for this minor release.

After the join script runs, you may update the UCR variable at any time before running a user import. You may also run the diagnostic for invalid usernames at any time using the System Diagnostic UMC module.


In UCS 5.2, which will be the next minor release, invalid Windows usernames will no longer be allowed in any UCS@school system, including domains that only have Linux machines. Please check your usernames with the System Diagnostic UMC module and fix any that are invalid, before doing the upgrade.

1.3. Update process#

Major updates for UCS@school are released in the Univention App Center as a standalone app update. Minor updates and bug fixes (errata for UCS@school) that do not require interaction with the administrator are released in the repository of the already released app version of UCS@school. The changelog documents that Univention issues with each UCS@school app version are then expanded accordingly with a new section that shows which packages were released at what time and which errors were fixed in the process.