1. UCS@school-Update#

This document contains the changelogs with the detailed change information for the update of UCS@school from version 5.0 v4 to 5.0 v5.

If necessary, important notes about the update are covered in a separate section. The change information for previous version jumps can be found at https://docs.software-univention.de/.

1.1. General notes on the update#

During the update, services within the domain may fail. For this reason, the update should be performed within a maintenance window. It is generally recommended to install and test the update in a test environment first. The test environment should be identical to the production environment.

1.2. Update process#

Major updates for UCS@school are released in the Univention App Center as a standalone app update. Minor updates and bug fixes (errata for UCS@school) that do not require interaction with the administrator are released in the repository of the already released app version of UCS@school. The changelog documents that Univention issues with each UCS@school app version are then expanded accordingly with a new section that shows which packages were released at what time and which errors were fixed in the process.