3. File locations#

This section lists relevant directories and files. Don’t edit configuration files by hand. App settings in the UCS App Center or the UCS@school ID Connector HTTP API take care of all configuration.

All important data persists in files on volumes mounted from the UCS host into the Docker container. Therefore, there is no need for distinct backup before an update and a restore afterwards.

3.1. Log files#

The directory /var/log/univention/ucsschool-id-connector is a volume mounted into the Docker container, so that you can access it from the host.

The directory contains the following files:

  • http.log: log file of the HTTP-API, both ASGI server and API application.

  • queues.log: log file of the queue management daemon.

  • Previous versions of before mentioned log files with timestamps appended to the filename.

The system’s logrotate settings control log file rotation. For example, to change the rotation cycle to daily for queues.log, use the following command:

$ ucr set logrotate/ucsschool-id-connector/queues/rotate=daily

To view log file output, run the following command:

$ docker logs <container name>

3.2. School authority configuration files#

The configuration of the replication targets, such as school authorities / Schulträger, locates in one JSON file per configured school authority in the directory /var/lib/univention-appcenter/apps/ucsschool-id-connector/conf/school_authorities. Don’t create the JSON configuration by hand. Use the UCS@school ID Connector HTTP API instead.

3.3. School authority outgoing queues#

The ID Connector internally stores transaction files in /var/lib/univention-appcenter/apps/ucsschool-id-connector/data/out_queues/SCHOOL_AUTHORITY, where SCHOOL_AUTHORITY is the name of the respective school authority. You can use the trash directory within the school authority directory for monitoring. For more information, see the following sections:

3.4. Token signature key#

The key for signing the JWTs locates in the file /var/lib/univention-appcenter/apps/ucsschool-id-connector/conf/tokens.secret. The app join script creates this file. For more information, see Installation.

3.5. Volumes#

The Docker container mounts the following host directories as volumes:

  • /var/lib/univention-appcenter/listener

  • /var/log/univention/ucsschool-id-connector