1. Introduction#

This document is for app providers who want to place their product clearly visible for a broad, professional and growing user group. It covers the steps on how to make the product available as an app for Univention App Center.

1.1. What is Univention App Center?#

Univention App Center is an ecosystem similar to the app stores known from mobile platforms like Apple or Google. It provides an infrastructure to build, deploy and run enterprise applications on Univention Corporate Server (UCS). The App Center uses well-known technologies like Docker.

1.2. App Center infrastructure#

The ecosystem consists of the following components:

The App

is the software plus the collection of metadata like configuration, text description, logo, screenshots and more for the presentation.

The App Center Repository

is a central server infrastructure managed by Univention that stores the files and data for the app. It’s the installation source for the app.

The App Center Module on UCS

is part of the web-based management system on UCS. It’s the place where UCS administrators install, update and uninstall apps in their UCS environment.

The App Catalog

presents the app portfolio on the Univention website.

The App Provider Portal

is the self-service portal for app providers where they can create and maintain their app.

The Test App Center

is the “staging area” for app providers to develop and test their apps.

Univention Configuration Registry

is the target platform for the app. UCS is technically a derivative of Debian GNU/Linux.

For building an app the app developer works with UCS, the app, the App Provider Portal and the Test App Center.