Product components

4. Product components#

In this part of the document, you learn about the second, medium, and detail level of the architecture of UCS. You learn about UCS product components that you face directly when you use UCS. The product components typically act as entry points for your tasks.

The product components descriptions are intended for administrators and solution architects. For software developers and system engineers, it provides the context for the architectural details of UCS. Make sure you are familiar with the Concepts behind UCS.


For architecture notation, this part of the document uses ArchiMate® 3.2, a visual language with a set of default iconography for describing, analyzing, and communicating many concerns of enterprise architectures. For more information about how the document uses the notation, refer to ArchiMate.

The following product components from Fig. 4.1 introduce themselves in the order you most likely encounter them when you work with UCS:

  1. UCS portal

  2. UCS management system

  3. App Center

UCS Product components with UCS Management System, UCS Portal, App Center, File and Print, and Command-line

Fig. 4.1 User facing product components of UCS#


The section is work in progress. Later updates of the document explain the concepts Command line and File and print. For the sake of completeness Fig. 4.1 already shows them.