4.1. UCS portal#

The UCS portal is the central entry point to UCS and home page for the work place for domain users and administrators. The web page shows tiles with icons, text, and web links to various services and applications of the domain and external resources.

Every UCS system can have a portal page, regardless of its system role. A domain can have multiple portal configurations with different content. The portal configuration controls the following aspects:

  • Which portal shows up on which UCS system in the domain?

  • Which user groups see which tile on which UCS system?

Organizations can configure multiple portals. They can brand and customize them individually to specific user groups.

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for instructions about how to configure and customize the UCS portal page in Univention Corporate Server - Manual for users and administrators [1]

4.1.1. Benefits#

For the portal as primary entry point to a UCS domain, users like administrators or end users only need to remember or bookmark one web address. After login with their web browser, users see their personal portal. Some tiles only show up after login.

With single sign-on, users provide their credentials onetime per session and can use services and apps without additional authentication.

4.1.2. Single sign-on for the UCS portal#

To use single sign-on with a service, the service needs to support and integrate single sign-on in the UCS domain. UCS supports the standards SAML and OpenID Connect.