Univention Corporate Server for Debian and Ubuntu Administrators

Univention Corporate Server for Debian and Ubuntu Administrators#

Welcome to the manual Univention Corporate Server for Debian and Ubuntu Administrators. This document aims for system administrators, system engineers, or DevOps engineers with knowledge of the administration of Debian GNU/Linux or Ubuntu systems who want to get started with UCS.

The document helps you avoid common pitfalls when starting to work with UCS if you have a Debian GNU/Linux or Ubuntu background. The document doesn’t describe in detail how to do various tasks the UCS way. Instead, it points out the differences and refers to appropriate resources in the product documentation.

Reading this document, you earn a general understanding of the differences between Debian GNU/Linux or Ubuntu and UCS. A list of principles summarizes the key points of this document.

This document assumes that you are familiar with the following topics:

  • Installing and updating computer systems running Debian GNU/Linux or Ubuntu.

  • A command line in a local or remote shell, such as bash.

  • A text editor on the command line, such as GNU nano, Vim, or Emacs.

  • Installing and upgrading software using the package manager APT.

  • Configuring various services such as mail servers, LDAP servers and Samba.

Your feedback is welcome and highly appreciated. If you have any comments, suggestions, or criticisms, please send your feedback to improve the document.