4. Principles#

The following list summarizes the principles described in the document for your reference. To jump to the location in the document for more context on the principle, click the title of the principle.

Principle #1

Don’t manually edit configuration files that are under control of UCR or listener modules.

Principle #2

Use the standard software packages that UCS installs to provide core product capabilities.

Don’t replace these software packages with software of your own personal taste.

Principle #3

Use the univention-* tools to perform actions for installing, updating and removing software packages and apps on UCS.

Principle #4

Before installing software packages from third-party sources:

  1. Always verify the App Center and the standard Univention software repositories, if the software is already available there.

  2. Make sure that the packages don’t overwrite existing packages.

  3. Use pip only in virtual Python environments.

Principle #5

Don’t run univention-join on a Primary Directory Node. It just skips.

Principle #6

Install UCS components through the App Center.

Principle #7

Always verify status and version of join scripts in the following situations:

  • After installation of software or apps.

  • After updates of software or apps.

  • When services don’t run as expected.

Principle #8

Never run univention-run-joinscripts --force on a Primary Directory Node.

The LDAP server doesn’t work properly anymore and the repair is a lot of effort.