1. UCS@school-Update#

This document contains the changelogs with the detailed change information for the update of UCS@school from version 5.0 v2 to 5.0 v3.

If necessary, important notes about the update are covered in a separate section. The change information for previous version jumps can be found at https://docs.software-univention.de/.

1.1. General notes on the update#

During the update, services within the domain may fail. For this reason, the update should be performed within a maintenance window. It is generally recommended to install and test the update in a test environment first. The test environment should be identical to the production environment.

1.2. Update of the software for control and monitoring of computer rooms#

The performance and stability of computer room monitoring has been improved with UCS@school 5.0 v3.


The application UCS@school Veyon Proxy from the App Center must be updated to In addition, the Windows computers must be equipped with the suitable Veyon application. A suitable version is supplied with UCS@school (4.7.4), and can be installed as described in Veyon Installation auf Windows-Clients.

The status indicators of the computer room module page can be updated with a delay of up to one minute. This is a known issue and will be corrected soon with an errata update.

Depending on the available hardware, bandwidth, and number of PCs in the computer room, it may be necessary to make fine adjustments to Presentation Mode if performance is not satisfactory. See the Univention Help 20264 - “Quick Start Guide: Improving Presentation Mode Performance”.

This release also removes the update lock for systems with computer rooms. Thus, systems can be updated from UCS 4.4 to UCS 5.0 if all computer rooms on the system have been migrated to Veyon.

1.3. Update process#

Major updates for UCS@school are released in the Univention App Center as a standalone app update. Minor updates and bug fixes (errata for UCS@school) that do not require interaction with the administrator are released in the repository of the already released app version of UCS@school. The changelog documents that Univention issues with each UCS@school app version are then expanded accordingly with a new section that shows which packages were released at what time and which errors were fixed in the process.