Join status

4.2. Join status#

For each join script a version number is tracked. This is used to skip re-executing join scripts, which already have been executed. This is mostly a performance optimization, but is also used to find join scripts which need to be run.

The text file /var/univention-join/status is used to keep track of the state of all join scripts. For each successful run of a join script a line is appended to that file. That record consists of three space separated entries:

$script_name v$version successful
  1. The first entry contains the name of the join script without the two-digit prefix and without the .inst suffix, usually corresponding to the package name.

  2. The second entry contains a version number prefixed by a v. It is used to keep track of the latest version of the join script, which has been run successfully. This is used to identify, which join scripts need to be executed and which can be skipped, because they were already executed in the past.

  3. The third column contains the word successful.

If a new version of the join script is invoked, it just appends a new record with a higher version number at the end of the file.