11. Integration of external repositories#

Sometimes it might be necessary to add external repositories, for example when testing an application which is developed for UCS@school. Such components can be registered through Univention Management Console or in Univention Configuration Registry.

Components can be versioned. This ensures that only components are installed that are compatible with a UCS version.

empty or unset or current

The current major-minor version will be used.

If for example UCS 5.2 is currently in use, only the 5.2 repository will be used. Please note that all major and minor updates will be blocked until the component is available for the new release. Patch level and errata updates are not affected.

If for example UCS 5.1 is currently installed. When UCS 5.2 or UCS 6.0 become available, the release updated will be postponed until the component is also available for version 5.2 and 6.0 respectively.


By specifying an explicit version number only the specified version of the component will be used if it matches the current UCS version. Release updates of the system will not be hindered by such components. Multiple versions can be given using comma as delimiter.

For example 5.1 5.2 would only include the component with UCS 5.1 and 5.2 but not if UCS 5.0 or UCS 5.3 is in use.

11.1. Integrate with Univention Management Console#

A list of the integrated repository components is in the UMC module Repository Settings. Applications which have been added through the Univention App Center are still listed here, but should be managed through the App Center module.

A further component can be set up with Add. The Component name identifies the component on the repository server. A free text can be entered under Description, for example, for describing the functions of the component in more detail.

The absolute URL of the download server is to be entered in the input field Repository server, and can also optionally contain a Username, Password, Repository prefix (file path) and port if required.


The credentials are stored unencrypted and as plain text in Univention Configuration Registry. Every user with access to the local system can read them.

A software component is only available when Enable this component has been activated.

Prior to UCS 5 two separate repository branches where provided for maintained and unmaintained software. While UCS 5 no longer uses this distinction.

11.2. Integrate with Univention Configuration Registry#

You can use the following Univention Configuration Registry Variables to register a repository component. It’s also possible to activate further functions here that you can’t configured through the UMC module. NAME stands for the component’s name.


The repository server absolute URL on which the components are available. If this variable isn’t set, UCS uses the server from Univention Configuration Registry Variable repository/online/server.


You must set this variable to enabled, if UCS should activate and use the component.


You can use this variable to configure whether UCS mirrors the component locally. In combination with the Univention Configuration Registry Variable repository/online/component/NAME/server, you can set up a configuration so that UCS mirrors the component, but doesn’t activate it, or that UCS activates the component, but doesn’t mirror it.


A optional description for the repository.


Deprecated since version 5.0.

Defines the URL path prefix that the repository server uses. Don’t use this variable anymore. Instead, specify the path as part of the absolute URL in the UCR variable repository/online/component/NAME/server.

For example: repository/online/component/NAME/server=https://repository.example.com/prefix


Defines the type of the repository:

  • If the variable has the value arch or is unset, UCS searches for the Packages within the architecture subdirectories amd64/ and all/ respectively.

  • If the variable has the value flat, UCS searches for the Packages file within the root directory of the repository.

This variable is usually unset.


Deprecated since version 5.0.

The variable defines the username if the repository server requires authentication. Don’t use this variable anymore. Instead, specify the username as part of the absolute URL in the UCR variable repository/online/component/NAME/server.

For example: repository/online/component/NAME/server=https://username@repository.example.com


Deprecated since version 5.0.

This variable defines the password if the repository server requires authentication. Don’t use this variable anymore. Instead, specify the password as part of the absolute URL in the UCR variable repository/online/component/NAME/server.

For example: repository/online/component/NAME/server=https://username:password@repository.example.com


This variable controls the versions to include. For more information, see Integration of external repositories.


Defines a list of package names separated by blanks. The UMC module Repository Settings offers the installation of this component if at least one of the packages isn’t installed. Specifying the package list eases the subsequent installation of components.