3. Update#

You can update the Keycloak app like any other app with Univention App Center or the command line tool univention-app.

This chapter covers additional points to consider before and during the update process.

3.1. Configuration migration during Keycloak app updates#

Some updates of the Keycloak app require a migration of the domain wide Keycloak configuration, because every Keycloak service in the UCS domain uses the same, shared configuration.

By default, the Keycloak app migrates the configuration during the app update process. Some changes may conflict with older versions of the Keycloak app. Therefore, make sure that all Keycloak app instances on all UCS systems in the domain have the same version.


You can deactivate the automatic configuration migration during the app update process. Set the value of the UCR variable keycloak/auto-migration to false.

You can manually migrate the configuration of the Keycloak app on all UCS system, after you updated the app on all UCS systems to the same version. Use the following command:

$ univention-keycloak upgrade-config