5. Limitations#

To ensure a smooth operation of the OX Connector app on UCS, you as administrator need to know the following limitations.

5.1. Integration of OX Connector and OX App Suite app#

Starting with version 2.1.2, Univention does support the use of OX Connector towards the OX App Suite app from Univention App Center. The OX Connector takes over the provisioning, the OX App Suite ships the actual groupware.

However, the OX Connector needs administrative credentials to create context objects in OX’ database. The installation process doesn’t know these credentials. Thus, you may need to reconfigure the OX Connector after you installed OX App Suite successfully. The reconfiguration runs automatically, if, and only if, both apps locate on the same UCS system.

If not, you find the password on the UCS system that runs OX App Suite in the file /etc/ox-secrets/master.secret. The username of the administrative account is oxadminmaster. You can set the credentials in the app settings of the OX Connecor, see Configuration.

5.2. OX Connector stops at faulty items#

When the OX Connector encounters a faulty queue item that it can’t process, it stops the provisioning at the item and logs the filename with its path in the Listener Converter log file, see Log files.

Despite the stop, the Listener continues to add items to the queue. After the administrator removed the faulty queue item, the Listener Converter continues to process the queue and also takes care of the added items.

As administrator, you need to resolve that conflict manually when it happens, see Provisioning stops working. After the conflict resolution, the connector continues to process the provisioning queue.

Design decision

The OX Connector doesn’t provide logic to resolve conflicts automatically, because the conflict causes can vary a lot. For example, when connector would ignore the conflict and continue, a later operation may refer to the ignored item. The connector can’t complete it, because the current queue item refers to a previous, unprocessed item. The OX Connector could ignore the next conflict again, and again. The ignores pile up unresolved conflicts that can lead to a heavy conflict or a serious problem with the user provisioning without any relation to the actual root cause. Administrators would have quite a hard job to resolve the conflict.

5.3. No plausibility validation in access profile rights#

The OX Connector app doesn’t evaluate permission level for created access profiles and tries to create any access profile.

For more information, see OX App Suite Permission Level.