14.6. Integration of Fetchmail for retrieving mail from external mailboxes#

Usually, the UCS mail service accepts mails for the users of the UCS domain directly via SMTP. UCS also offers optional integration of the software Fetchmail for fetching emails from external POP3 or IMAP mailboxes.

Fetchmail can be installed via the Univention App Center; simply select the Fetchmail application and then click on Install.

Once the installation is finished, there are additional input fields in the Advanced settings ‣ Remote mail retrieval tab of the user administration which can be used to configure the collection of mails from an external server. The mails are delivered to the inboxes of the respective users. The primary email address must be configured for that.

The mail is fetched every twenty minutes once at least one email address is configured for mail retrieval. After the initial configuration of a user Fetchmail needs to be started in the UMC module System services. In that module the fetching can also be disabled (alternatively by setting the Univention Configuration Registry Variable fetchmail/autostart to false).

Table 14.3 Remote mail retrieval tab#




The username to be provided to the mail server for fetching mail.


The password to be used for fetching mail.


The mail can be fetched via the IMAP or POP3 protocols.

Remote mail server

The name of the mail server from which the emails are to be fetched.

Encrypt connection (SSL/TLS)

If this option is enabled, the mail is fetched in an encrypted form (when this is supported by the mail server).

Keep mails on the server

By default the fetched mails are deleted from the server following the transfer. If this option is enabled, it can be suppressed.