OX Connector

14.9. OX Connector#

OX Connector is an app in Univention App Center. It synchronizes selected users and groups to OX App Suite and remote installations like for example a hosted OX App Suite. Starting with OX Connector version 2.1.2 and OX App Suite version 7.10.6-ucs4, the OX Connector integrates with OX App Suite from Univention App Center to provision user and group accounts to OX App Suite.


OX App Suite versions older than 7.10.6-ucs4 include their own synchronization. OX Connector doesn’t synchronize with those versions and you must therefore not use it with the separate OX App Suite app from the App Center.

See also

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For more information about the OX Connector, refer to Integration of OX Connector and OX App Suite app in the dedicated documentation at Univention OX Connector app documentation [16].