Software deployment

5. Software deployment#

The software deployment integrated in UCS offers extensive possibilities for the rollout and updating of UCS installations. Security and version updates can be installed via the UMC module Software update, a command line tool or based on policies. This is described in the section Updates of UCS systems. The UCS software deployment does not support the updating of Microsoft Windows systems. An additional Windows software distribution is required for this.

For larger installations, there is the possibility of establishing a local repository server from which all further updates can be performed, see Configuration of the repository server for updates and package installations.

The UCS software deployment is based on the underlying Debian package management tools, which are expanded through UCS-specific tools. The different tools for the installation of software are introduced in Installation of further software. The installation of version and errata updates can be automated via policies, see Specification of an update point using the package maintenance policy.

The software monitor provides a tool with which all package installations statuses can be centrally stored in a database, see Central monitoring of software installation statuses with the software monitor.

The initial installation of UCS systems is not covered in this chapter, but is documented in Installation instead.