File share management

12. File share management#

UCS supports the central management of directory shares. A share registered via the UMC module Shares is created on an arbitrary UCS server system as part of the UCS domain replication.

Provision for accessing clients can occur via CIFS (supported by Windows/Linux clients) and/or NFS (primarily supported by Linux/Unix). The NFS shares managed in the UMC module can be mounted by clients both via NFSv3 and via NFSv4.

If a file share is deleted on a server, the shared files in the directory are preserved.

To be able to use access control lists on a share, the underlying Linux file system must support POSIX ACLs. In UCS the file systems ext4 and XFS support POSIX ACLs. The Samba configuration also allows storing DOS file attributes in extended attributes of the Unix file system. To use extended attributes, the partition must be mounted using the mount option user_xattr.